Minnesota Swingers Reinvented Relationships and Marriages

    Minnesota Swingers are emerging as a new trend among Minnesota’s  married couples. Inside Fusex Social Club Minnesota most innovative, selective, and exclusive swingers club 

    Things that come to everyone’s mind when we think of Minnesota are the cold weather, Prince, the lakes, fishing, Mall of America, or hockey. One thing is for sure, Minnesotans know how to get their kinks and freaks on. Fusex Social Club, a Beverly hills California-based swingers club with a Minnesota connection is Minnesota’s most exclusive swingers club. 

    Minnesota swingers have a lower divorce rate than Minnesota monogamous couples. Swinging Couples are often found to be deeply in love and remain emotionally connected. They hardly value sex in the same line as their monogamous peers do. The swinging lifestyle is seeping into Minnesota elite suburban, upper-middle-class social scenes, and people are taking notice. Monogamous couples are more disparaging towards sex, as it always and primarily infuses monogamists.

    Last summer, I attended an end-of-the-elementary-school-year family barbecue in Wayzata, a suburb outside of Minneapolis. Sitting with five other mothers as the kids played in the backyard, the parents’ conversations turned from third-grade teacher reputations and fourth quarter grades to rumors of an ultra-discreet and exclusive “Minnesota swingers club.” After a brief research in the Minnesota Swinging community. Most of the Minnesota swingers told us divorce in the U.S. and lack of quality of sex and spousal infidelity are significant factors in divorce.

    Minnesota Swingers hangouts, Swingers clubs or Swingers bars in Minnesota are rare. Swingers are very discreet. Minnesota swinger couples that are upper middle-class professionals that require guaranteed privacy and safety choose to attend Fusex Social Club Minnesota swingers events because the club has a strong risk mitigation strategy in place.  

    Founded by a young tech entrepreneur by the name of Rudy, Fusex Social club has an extremely rigorous process of selecting members. Prospective members must pass a behavioral interview, pass a National Instant Criminal Background Check and the Dru Sjodin National Sex Offender registry check for all 50 states, The district of Columbia, U.S. Territories, and Indian Country, and sign a strong non-disclosure agreement (NDA). Finding your way into that elite Minnesota Swingers club is no easy feat. Applicants must be prepared to disclose some very personal information. An application is required for membership, as well as for any guests hoping to attend the parties.

    With operations in 15 states, Liam Fusex Social Club Chief Lobbyist officer raised more than $ 7.8 million last year from private corporations and wealthy donors that support the club’s vision and contributed to it. From Liam personal observations, he indicated the majority if not all swingers clubs are takers. They do not get involved in any type of advocacy or give anything back to the swinging lifestyle or kinks community. 

    Minnesota Swingers, Wisconsin Swingers, Iowa Swingers, Sioux falls swingers, North Dakota Swingers, Omaha Nebraska Swingers, all the swingers living in those states, usually think if there are swingers club near me, there are Swingers near me. As a result, Minnesota swingers and other swingers all over the country are signing up for swinger websites that are violating their privacies, exploiting and exposing them by using their pictures for marketing, highlights, and search engine purposes. Nevertheless, when it comes time to go through a selective process and choose a full bullet proof system and an NDA that can protect their current and future earnings, careers, identities, and assets, still many of them are reluctant. The most issues they’ve encountered are with the so-called veteran swingers and kinksters who think they know it all. 

    The current trends are that most of the younger swingers, such as the wealthy couples, doctors, lawyers, educators, and swingers that are part of the law enforcement community, are more willing to take part of the current process and ask for NDA. Kelly, the club Chief Legal Counsel, a Stanford University Law School graduate who also served as a Federal prosecutor in the Obama administration with the Department of Justice stated, “As attorneys and behavioral psychologists, we are aware without a non-disclosure or secrecy agreement no one legally owe you discretion, anyone can maliciously slander your reputation as they please, derail your life, your career and falsely accuse you of any crimes without any retribution.”   

    The internet is an effective way to meet people, however, all those swingers’ websites miserably botched their users by not protecting their identities and private lives. Fusex Social Club members place a hefty emphasis on anonymity, and because of that, members provide a “loyalty oath,” letting Rudy know they mean business. The club is attended by high profile law enforcement officers, Fortune 500 CEOs, professional athletes, lawyers, doctors, nurses, teachers, judges, news anchors, law makers, billionaires, models, and wealthy couples who have been married for years.

    With many high standards and a low acceptance rate, indeed, that secret society club is very exclusive and exceptionally discreet. There has never been any disruptive innovation in the swinging lifestyle community.  Back in the 90s swingers used to post ads in the newspapers, and in the earlier 2000s some swinger websites started to emerge. When you talk with swingers first thing, they will tell you they want to be discreet. Sounds so great right?. Such a wish is a fantasy, not a reality. If you just own a bank account, you will become a member of those websites without any selection or verification process whatsoever. Currently all swinger websites are open sources, the risk associated with open sources swinger websites is that if people want to be nosy, they easily can find out the way you live your private life. Those open sources swingers’ websites do not provide any discretion or safety net for their users.

    Fusex social club has recently been approached by a major Silicon Valley Tech Company that was founded by prior Google, Microsoft, Apple, and Amazon technology engineers. This organization is currently in the process of developing the most innovative and exclusive swingers website ever. Such exclusive swingers website will only exclusively allow Fusex Social club to host swingers and kinks events on that website.

    Unlike other websites that let anyone with a credit card to access their website. All prospective members of that upcoming website will go through a 24 to 72 hours reviewing process before getting accepted to that website, and not everyone will be approved. The user agreement will include an extremely airtight non-disclosure, law enforcement, and media disclosure. There will be no members’ highlights. The pictures and identities of the new website members will be sealed, anonymous and will not appear in Google images. Discretion and exclusivity will be fully guaranteed.

    I double checked Rudy’s remarks. I was in disbelief when I Googled every city and the state name followed by the word swingers then clicked on the Google images. I was able to see the full swingers profiles of many couples and singles in my community, with all of their information and faces showing. It is unclear if those websites’ members are aware of those unethical business practices. 

    That is incredibly distasteful due to the fact swingers are professionals with family and careers that require the highest discretion. Instead of protecting their users, it appears that those companies are using an algorithm that automatically creates HTMLs with the user’s profile for Search Engine Optimization purposes. Those companies also use the users’ profiles pictures as highlights for marketing and Google ranking purposes, which is extremely reckless and insane. The worst offenders are Lifestyle Lounge.com and SwingLifestyle.com . All those swingers’ websites put their members at risk, by continuously exploiting and exposing their members. 

    Claire, Fusex Social Club Vice President of Event Producer, insists the parties are more about being social than getting down and dirty. The club will continuously be investing in lobbyists. For the 2021 fiscal year the social club projection spending is a whopping $ 4.2 million USD in political spending to elect lawmakers across the nation. Rudy asserted his vision is to constantly influence statutory policies through a variety of legislative processes while shining a positive light on consensual adult desires and sexual empowerment for men and women. Despite his passion for the kinks and the swinging lifestyle community and his parties, Rudy says he does not engage in activities at them, and his hosts are not allowed too either. “I love to educate others, change society viewpoints towards swingers and kinksters, bring positive awareness and unite like-minded individuals together,” Rudy says.

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